Graphics or wallscape for office walls, trade show walls, shop walls, exterior walls, factory walls, tent structure walls. We come to you.

Transform any room and or exterior walls with vibrant full color printed wall graphics and murals. Advertise, use your corporate branding, set the mood or have a vinyl cut statement applied to your walls inside or out we have the answers to all your wall graphics queries.

Using the latest print, cutting and finishing equipment, we take your ideas from the screen to the scene to produce and install your graphics the way you want. We know what works and use only premium media with manufacturers warranties for all our wall graphics production, thus ensuring you get the best quality and longevity for your purchase. Further backed up by our solid, in-house, minimum 3-year guarantee on all our work. You can be sure you are working with the right team who care about your projects as much as you do.

Working with either your artwork or starting from scratch in our studio, we will help you achieve your wall graphics goals. With over 20 years’ experience in the production and installation of wall graphics we would love to help you with your next project.

A themed wow factor lobby, a corporate logo, transform a meeting room or restaurant wall, advertise your products in your shop, liven up a factory workspace or creating an experience room for trade shows and museums. We have the answers to convert your walls into attractive focal points. Any size any shape.

Types of Wall Graphics and Mural

There are typically three types of wall graphics to create a custom ‘wallpaper’ to your walls. Vinyl wall graphics, Fabric wall graphics and PVC wall graphics. Choosing between which suits your space best will depend on many variables, we are here to help and advise you the best solution for your indoor or outside wall space, budget and preference.

For honest, straight talking wall graphics solutions, get in touch with Brandit Graphics today, our team will hook you up with the best-looking wall space to be proud of. 213 675 3833  info@branditgraphics.com 

Dimensional Signs – Letters & Logos

In this section we are only talking about printed vinyl, fabric, PVC and vinyl cut production processes. We have other types of flat cut materials and dimensional wall lettering and logo production answers here in our dimensional wall signage section.

Fabric Wall Graphics

The larger the wall, the more likely we may advise having a fabric graphic. Fabric can be printed up to 16ft wide and 150ft long in one section, meaning no joins whatsoever in the graphic. For this type of project, we use a very slimline plastic or aluminum tension system attached to your wall, then the graphic is installed  within this tension frame to give a tight professional finish. This seamless process is probably our best seller and cheaper than you would think. Ask us about seamless fabric graphics today

We also have self adhesive fabric wall offerings for different types of finishes.


Vinyl Wall Graphics

Printed vinyl graphics are an excellent wall graphics solution. We can print to absolutely any size. Using high end media and the very latest print technology, with a choice of sealed laminates means your prints come out vibrant and will last. For walls that might have many obstacles and/doors or may be a smaller area to cover. Printed vinyl graphics are great for profile cutting to shape, going around curved walls and can even stick to brick or concrete board.

Vinyl cut graphics are another way for producing a simple message, logo or statement. Using our color swatches, or custom print to the color of your choice, we are sure you can find the right contrast and style for your ideas.

We will survey your premises to ensure self-adhesive vinyl graphics will stick to your walls prior to production. This test is very important as some paints have silicon type properties. We do this test as a matter of course and will only offer vinyl if it sticks properly and advise you what needs to be done if alternatives are required.

PVC Tension Wall Graphics

This process is unique to Brandit Graphics. There are no other companies that can offer this product.

When it comes to outdoor wall graphics you need a solution that not only looks good but will withstand most weather conditions. Our aluminium PVC tension system is the perfect answer for printing to building walls and temporary tent structures. This process is the future of many banner type installations for buildings walls and temporary structures. Any size and almost any shape, highly tensioned system will make your graphic stand out. No creases, no eyelets or visible fixings. PVC tensioned graphics are the professional choice for outdoor wall graphics and murals.

Can be used for sports stadiums, Tent Structures, large banner applications, billboard graphic signage and internal applications. Short term or permanent, large or small we can help you achieve, seamless, perfectly flat PVC graphics for many applications. See our structure wraps section for more information on structure tent wraps here.

Design and Layout of Your Artwork

See our artwork process here

Our experienced graphic design staff will assist you with the design of your wall graphics, or they can simply layout your vector artwork to fit your wall space – and place important components away from obstacles like doors and windows.  If you have your own artwork ready, we are ready to receive at your convenience.

 Installation of Your Wall Graphics by an experienced graphics installer!

All our installers are experienced in all types of wall graphics applications. We do have media supplier accreditations, that when installing graphics are further backed by their warranties. We believe that whilst these accreditations are great, you need more than just a certified installer to ensure a quality finish.

There is no substitute for experience and passion to get the job done properly.

 Our installation teams have been applying graphics for at least 10 years, take care and pay attention to detail. We believe, like many services, its all about the finishing. Matching joins, neat cut outs of obstacles, correct surface preparation, professional and methodical work practices customer service and satisfaction and leaving your space neat and tidy after the job is complete. We will look after your project as if it were our own. We want you to be pleased with your investment and come back again the next time, and recommend us too.


How To Get Your Wall Graphics Project Started

To receive a FREE QUOTE, we just need the size of your wall (height x width), and whether the surface is textured or totally smooth…that is it! Once our quote is approved, we’ll get you set up with a design appointment – at our facility or virtually, and we’ll schedule the wall adhesion testing. Then just a few rounds of design proofing and we’re ready to produce and install your new wall graphics! We’re located in City of Orange and supply and install wall graphics to all of Orange, Los Angeles, and Riverside Counties.  Call (213) 675 3833 or click below to get started!

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